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1. Van Winkle, E. The toxic mind: the biology of mental illness and violence, Medical Hypotheses 2000; 54: 146-156




3. Janov, A. The Anatomy of Mental Illness. London: Sphere Books Ltd, 1971.

Qaz+][ : [[׻O WY XLE ac^ E[[ A+ Y[]`m_ VC^ c_* [[ [K[[[ %XW ` ^[ [[-]^[ Tü[WX %K [[-][ %X]T KQ TV[ LX A׻O Y^L X^* ؚؑ m[T[ F[Y X c_ [GE YX:J_T E[_ EX lT[ a[X X+* L[[pX[ W[S aE EX }ܙ LX_ %] T[LX V^[ X+* %YX ^V Am_ %Xa[S E[X XL V^㱼 E[[X* A+ Y[׻O %YXE ׻JEda %U[ %YX QN[[ Y[]` %X^^ ^ CbW FKX T [ [FT [_KX* ׻JEda A[e CbW[ aU %YX A+ XLE XL ac^ E[[ Yy^ %\a E[T Y[X*


[^_L %[ +]`X _FX YҳO E[ EGLE AE _Z_O-A[ ]TX \L E[ XC^ ^T Y[*zE E[Xf

A[e zE E[Xf

[X]_ Ay[O [Q[--Acrobat Reader QX_Q E[[ LX, E Y_O VFX A[e YҳO E[[ LX Yʜ AE `ݻO -A[ AE VE A[e Yʜ V+ %Y[ VE YҳO E[X*

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Elnora Van Winkle

    Retired Research Scientist, Millhauser Laboratories, Department of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine

Mailing address: Elnora Van Winkle, Murray Hill Station, P.O. Box 893, New York, NY 10156

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